Chandler gets Monica a romantic combine tape getting valentines date, plus they moving with the tape and that Monica loves

Chandler gets Monica a romantic combine tape getting valentines date, plus they moving with the tape and that Monica loves

Year cuatro

Rachel requires Chandler to help you a complete day spa where he feels out of put because there commonly one men here. Chandler and you may Rachel find a lately separated Janice. Janice would like to get back together having Chandler and you may tells him she’ll never leave your again. Chandler unwillingly will get back as well as Janice and you can tries to envision out-of an easy way to breakup together. Chandler says that he’s becoming relocated to another country so you’re able to Yemen. Janice is heartbroken and you will tells your that they’ll spend all the amount of time he’s remaining together. Janice uses the moment that have Chandler upwards right until he’s on new airport to leave. Chandler does not know very well what to do whenever Janice says she is supposed to keep until his plane will take off. Chandler reluctantly buys a costly admission to help you Yemen and you can gets towards the newest planes. While he could be travelling towards jet, the guy asks a senior lady when the he can stay with the lady when he becomes there. (”Usually the one Aided by the Rugby”)

Seasons 5

Once Ross finds out their second ex boyfriend-girlfriend, Emily is getting remarried, Ross takes a walk through New york and ends up in sleep which have Janice. Folks dislikes the point that Ross are relationship Janice today (Janice implores the team never to legal the woman to possess dating people otherwise when you are Chandler is actually purportedly into the Yemen, that Phoebe reacts, ”Oh, nobody’s judging you”, if you are Joey assumes on you to Ross features simply moved in love regarding that which you within his lives). Ross defends Janice because the the guy keeps the lady today. Ross uses the majority of their go out having Janice whining on the their two divorces, his eviction, their unemployment, and you can understanding his most recent old boyfriend-wife is actually remarrying. Janice trips up with Ross since she will be able to no longer sit most of the their whining. Ross realizes that he has got sunk thus reasonable you to also Janice finds your annoying, that will help him cure their depressed county. While the Janice leaves, she talks to an inbound Joey of the informing that is a couple of off, definition she you’ll already been just after him given that he could be the last child in the category, far in order to their horror. At the end of the episode, Ross confesses his short term affair in order to Chandler, who laughs up to Ross raises the new rule that close friends cannot date for every someone else ex boyfriend-girlfriends or relatives (that it freaks aside Chandler because the he’s secretly relationships Ross’ cousin Monica.) (”The only With Chandler’s Performs Laugh”)

12 months 6

But not, Chandler hadn’t most made the fresh new tape, the guy found it when you look at the a drawer and you may provided it to Monica as he didn’t know what to find the girl. At the conclusion of the combine tape, Janice’s voice is actually read towards the bottom with Janice advising Chandler happier birthday celebration. Monica are disappointed and you may gets into her room leaving Chandler for the your butt. (”The one That have Unagi”)

Year eight

Janice try dinner on Alessandro’s when she meets Monica, who is involved to help you Chandler. Such as for example is actually the woman confidence having Chandler and you may Monica that she encourages herself on the relationship and you can attempts to stay at their apartment as she misinterprets a review of the Chandler to trust that they appreciate this lady given that friends. Monica could only upload this lady aside by advising the woman you to Chandler features strong feelings on her behalf, which will create the woman presence a challenge. Janice leaves, prepared Monica ”a lifetime of happiness”, and you can informs Chandler to-name their whenever his dating ”goes into this new pooper”. (”The main one With Ross’ Collection Guide”)

12 months 8

Rachel and Ross is at a healthcare facility having a baby and you may Rachel is certian from work very slow. Around three females what is biker planet have experienced labor before Rachel and you can a good 4th lady try delivered toward partial-private space. Janice try introduced into area and you will Rachel and you can Ross are frustrated. Janice reveals to Ross and Rachel one last year, she satisfied Sid Goralnik and they had married. Sid is practically completely deaf and you will Ross and Rachel see just how Sid you may endure Janice. Within the next space over, Monica and Chandler (Janice’s ex boyfriend-boyfriend) are having sex for the a private area and additionally they pay attention to Janice make fun of and that renders them frightened. (”Usually the one Where Rachel Have An infant, Area 1”)